The #108daysofyoga challenge invites the practitioner to evaluable many aspects of the self: Commitment. Accountability. Honesty. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Today officially marks 108 days of my recommitment to my yoga practice. With inspiration taken from my friend Elle Beau, I embarked on a personal challenge to practice some sort of yoga asana or meditation. At the [...]

My Dry & Vegan January

January was an auspicious month. 2018 kicked off with the wolf moon on New Year's Day and the super blue blood moon finished out the lunar cycle yesterday, leaving us with a few potent opportunities to reflect, to reset and to recreate some new ways of living. Over the last 31 days, I've committed to [...]

#RoadYogi Recap-Tahoe

#RoadYogi Recap-Tahoe Ahh, Tahoe. You are so damn beautiful. Ponderosa Pines, White Firs and Quaking Aspen trees surround the most picturesque blue lake that caused me to fall in love and make the move to the bay area. Even though Lake Tahoe is essentially a 3-hour drive from San Francisco, it will definitely be my [...]

#RoadYogi Recap-Cleveland, OH

#RoadYogi Recap-Cleveland, OH BEER: Forest City Brewery On Thursday, July 13th, I partnered with the owner of Balance & Brews, Melissa Klimo-Major, for a special Après Yoga event at Forest City Brewery. I was first introduced to Melissa through one of Cleveland’s biggest yoga advocates, “Zen Jen”, who originally interviewed me on her podcast Planet [...]

#RoadYogi Recap-Columbus, OH

#RoadYogi Recap-Columbus, OH Now that my #RoadYogi adventure is over, people often ask me which city was my favorite. And my immediate response is Columbus, OH! You might be surprised, albeit rather shocked, to hear that from a coastal chic who loves the mountains and never spent much time in the midwest. However, this little [...]