SF Review: Yoga Garden

As a countdown to my 1 year anniversary of living the dream in San Francisco, I would like to honor and highlight each studio that has welcomed me to teach yoga to its community.

I first visited Yoga Garden during a spring trip to San Francisco in 2012. I remember the studio conveniently located steps away from my friend Marissa’s apartment in the Lower Haight neighborhood. We practiced the Ashtanga primary series in the Water studio with Mark Rausa, who I now know as the owner of another yoga studio in town, Moxie Yoga!

Unsurprisingly, Yoga Garden was one of the first studios I looked at once I decided to make the move to SF. Unlike many other yoga studio hiring processes, the application to Yoga Garden was extremely thorough. While many yoga teacher applicants might be swayed from such an intense application process, I was down right inspired to work for an organization that made the hiring process that thorough. I wanted to work for a team that appreciated my experience and education so I knew this place was right for me.

Yoga Garden is housed in an Old Victorian style home where each studio room is located on a separate floor and each is named after representative elements; Earth, Water & Air! Having recently surpassed 20 years in business, Yoga Garden is recognized as one of the best yoga studios in the city. As described on the website, “Yoga Garden San Francisco is more than a yoga studio–here you will find a diverse community of welcoming, friendly students and world-class yoga professionals. From your first class to advanced yoga teacher training, you are guided and mentored by San Francisco’s best teachers, with decades of experience practicing, studying, and instructing…”

So what do I love about this studio? From the minute you step into the space, you feel hOMe. I absolutely love the local owner small business operation in a home setting. I have tons of respect my peer teachers at this studio and I appreciate the ability to connect with the community and get to know the students individually after class.

As of October 30th, I will have 3 classes at Yoga Garden SF. If you are curious about this hometown studio want to support local business, please join me as my guest for only $7!

12PM Friday Mornings

6PM Sunday Evenings

7:40AM Tuesday Mornings

BONUS: Branded rental mats provided by my favorite yoga mat company, Kulae Yoga!




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