#RoadYogi Recap-Tahoe

#RoadYogi Recap-Tahoe

Ahh, Tahoe. You are so damn beautiful. Ponderosa Pines, White Firs and Quaking Aspen trees surround the most picturesque blue lake that caused me to fall in love and make the move to the bay area. Even though Lake Tahoe is essentially a 3-hour drive from San Francisco, it will definitely be my mountain refuge from the city by the bay. With world-renowned ski areas, cute mountain towns and great people, I know I’ll be frequenting Tahoe quite a bit in my new CA life.

Read on for why I fell in love with Tahoe and what caused me to make the move out west.

BEER: Tahoe Mountain Brewing Co.

While driving to my AirBnB in Tahoe City, I passed Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company. I emailed the owner, Aaron, a few months prior to see if we could organize an event together and although scheduling didn’t work out, he was still open to meeting with me while I was in town.


Upon entry to the Tahoe City tap room, I immediately felt so welcome. Aaron let me sample a few of their beers on tap and I even got to take a few back with me. The following day, I enjoyed a Paddle Board Pale Ale along the shores of Lake Tahoe and in that moment, I knew it was time for a move out west. Thanks for the inspiration and the tasty Pale Ale Tahoe!

YOGA: Wanderlust Yoga

Wanderlust Yoga hosts festivals all around the world but also owns a few yoga studios in Austin, TX, Hollywood, CA and Squaw Valley. I stayed in Tahoe a few days after the Wanderlust Yoga Festival was over and attended a few classes at the local Squaw Valley resort. It was a much needed refuge after a busy and fun-filled weekend working for the festival.

HIGHLIGHT: Wanderlust Festival

While organizing numerous Après Yoga events around the country, I applied for a Section Manager role at the 9th annual Wanderlust Yoga Festival in Squaw Valley. In July 2015, I held the same position at Wanderlust Snowmass-Aspen and had the fortunate privilege to assist my teacher Gina at Wanderlust Squaw that same summer. I had an absolute blast at both festivals that year and was excited for the opportunity to connect with more like-minded yogis in California. Since so much of my #RoadYogi tour was still up in the air at that time, I also knew it would be smart to guarantee some income while on the road. I was hired almost immediately and made plans to host a few events in Reno, Sacramento and San Francisco around that time.


Upon arrival, I learned that I was scheduled to manage events at The Quiet Place, a studio space set in a grassy meadow far away from all the hustle and bustle of the main festival and home to most of the meditation classes throughout the weekend. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and there was most certainly a reason I was immersed in all that good spiritual energy that weekend. Just off a 13-hour drive from Cheyenne, WY to Reno, NV, a mindful and meditative weekend was exactly what I needed.

Meditation greats like David Ji and Tracee Stanley hosted most of the classes and they were both so gracious and kind to me and my volunteers throughout the entire weekend. Even though I was mostly on the entire weekend, I had the chance to take two vinyasa classes with the founder of Wanderlust Festival, Schuyler Grant and even enjoyed a yin practice one evening. Since my favorite sake brand, TYKU, sponsored this year’s festival, I even had the chance to hang out with my TYKU sake crew and enjoyed some tasty libations Après Yoga!

Wanderlust Festival celebrates 10 years at Squaw next summer so my big harry audacious goal is to actually be a part of the presenter line up next year. Doing my best to manifest that into reality but actually need to apply to make it happen. Putting it out there now so wish me luck!

#RoadYogi Recap-Cleveland, OH

#RoadYogi Recap-Cleveland, OH

BEER: Forest City Brewery

On Thursday, July 13th, I partnered with the owner of Balance & Brews, Melissa Klimo-Major, for a special Après Yoga event at Forest City Brewery. I was first introduced to Melissa through one of Cleveland’s biggest yoga advocates, “Zen Jen”, who originally interviewed me on her podcast Planet Prana on a visit to Denver last summer. Jen’s brother, Steve, is one of my biggest fans and most loyal yoga students. I was so humbled when Steve suggested Jen feature me on her podcast and I was extremely grateful for the connection when I decided to take Après Yoga on the road. Once I knew I would pass through Cleveland, I called Jen to ask for help and she was quick to connect me with local beer loving lady Melissa!

Like a good yogini, Melissa welcomed me into her yoga community to share our love of yoga and beer. Our collaboration brought in about 40 yogis to practice in a huge room at Forest City Brewery, the oldest beer garden that ever existed in Cleveland. While the yoga room was expansive, the beer garden was large and quite picturesque. If you find yourself in Cleveland, check out Balance & Brews for great local events and grab a pint of beer at Forest City Brewery.

YOGA: Abide Yoga

With an entrance tucked away in a back alley, Abide Yoga has quite the hometown charm. I attended a slow flow class followed by a guided meditation with Annie Siegel and it was the perfect pairing to start off a rainy Thursday morning in Cleveland. After class, I asked Annie if Abide Yoga was named after the film favorite, The Big Lebowski. Indeed, my assumption was correct.

And just like a good yogi, The Dude Abides.

TOURIST ATTRACTION: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


I guess you can’t go to Cleveland without going to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The museum is probably best described in one of three ways:

  1. a landmark showcasing the finest musicians that have ever lived since the birth of rock & roll
  2. a glorified scrapbook of top musician’s accolades (i.e. albums, awards, newspaper clippings)
  3. a closet of questionable costumes, ratty wigs and jewels; essentially a hoarder’s paradise

I expected to be impressed by the exhibits but I found myself rather underwhelmed. LaKendra, one of the students that came to Après Yoga with me in Denver and in Cleveland, joined me that day and we were a little surprised at what we saw. Rows of mannequins featuring popular garb from various decades, journals of popular artists and loads of other musician paraphernalia.

What interested me most was the main exhibit featured this summer. It was a essentially a simulation of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Award ceremony and ended with the epic George Harrison tribute and inimitable performance of Prince playing “While My Guitar Weeps.” If you have not seen this majesty yet, do yourself a favor and take 6 minutes of your life to reignite the fire in your soul. It was magical in the exhibit and its still magical to watch on the interwebs.

The top floor of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame showcases the most popular covers of Rolling Stone magazine. Dave Letterman, Britney Spears, Bob Dylan, 2 Pac & The Red Hot Chili Peppers were amongst many famous musicians and artists featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone. The exhibit was a refreshing ending to an otherwise underwhelming tour visit.

HIGHLIGHT: The Best of Midwest Hospitality!

Jen’s Uncle Mike invited me to a BBQ at his home in the Cleveland suburbs. Since I already had an established friendship with Jen and her brother Steve, it was easy to fit in and the entire family was so gracious to host me. I was thrilled to indulge in their midwest hospitality. Grilled Shrimp, Chicken Wings and Pasta Salad were the perfect summer treat to end my time in Cleveland. Special thanks to the Duncan/Zetzer family, look forward to connecting again!


#RoadYogi Recap-Richmond, VA

#RoadYogi Recap-Richmond, VA

On Sunday, July 9th, I drove south on 95 to Richmond, VA. Somewhere along the way, these two vibrant beings came across Titan & Stout in traffic. Before my trip, I purchased 3 car magnets to promote my Après Yoga #RoadYogi adventure and luckily, I had them showcased on my car on my drive to RVA that day.


The moment Tammy saw my magnet, she googled Après Yoga and found our RVA event. On a return trip from a bike race with her partner Todd, the idea of sunset yoga as post-race recovery was exactly what they needed. They said YES, grabbed their travel yoga mats and showed up. After class, they told me the story and I felt so lucky to have recruited these two beautiful souls with the power of a promotional car magnet. Even though 2 magnets were stolen along my journey (ahem Lodo & SacTown), the investment was paid off 2 fold with Tammy & Todd.


That night, we hosted an Après Yoga & One Drop Yoga on the rooftop of Veil Brewing Company. I partnered with the Queen of RVA Outdoor Yoga, Michelle Lee Landon and Druminyasa, Brad Ellsworth for this special sunset rooftop event. 80 outstanding yogis came out to practice and celebrate our collaboration. I have always been an advocate of “Collaboration over Competition” and it ended up being the most successful event I had all summer. It really goes to show how much connection and community can make all the difference.


Even though I only spent about 20 hours in RVA, I packed everything in so here are my go to spots of beer, yoga and eats. Enjoy!

BEER: The Answer Brew Pub

The Veil (not a #GOT reference but could be) was closed after our event so Brad took me to taste some sour beers at The Answer Brew Pub. When Brad told me that the kitchen was closed, I was definitely disappointed but the tasty beer aided my appetite for a short time. Plus, Sandy & her Dad, 2 of the students from our event, were there to keep us company.

YOGA: Om On Yoga

The following morning, Brad drove me downtown to take class with Yogi J at Om On Yoga. Sandy joined us and Michele came to connect with us after class. J Miles is an Ashtanga-based Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in Richmond. With a wealth of knowledge backed by a kickass asana practice, J is definitely my kind of yoga peoples and I thoroughly enjoyed his practice. Om On is a special yoga homestead and I felt so fortunate to be welcomed into this kula, or tribe.

HEALTHY EATS: North End Juice Bar

Michelle frequents this half smoothie shop and half ice cream store on the regular. And I can see why. The waiters were smokin’ hot, the dragonfruit bowl divine and the vegan ice cream delicious. We stocked up on juice, iced coffee and acai bowls and felt completely nourished Après Yoga. If you find yourself in North End of RVA, swing by and nourish yourself.


I’m so grateful to the kindred souls I met in RVA and I look forward to more collaboration in the near future. Brad, thank you for your hospitality and support of my #RoadYogi adventure. Michelle, keep rocking the outdoor yoga world. Curly girls will indeed unite again. Sandy, you are a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing your light. Tammy & Todd, you two made my trip to Richmond 100% worth it. Thank you for being spontaneous, saying yes and showing up to support Après Yoga. You made a indelible mark on my life and I cannot wait to come back to the RVA yoga community to connect again soon!

#RoadYogi Recap-Cape Cod, MA

#RoadYogi Recap-Cape Cod, MA

When I received the invitation to my best friend’s wedding on the Cape, I jumped at the chance to make it happen. Since I already had plans to be in the northeast on my #RoadYogi adventure, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to schedule an Après Yoga event near Boston. In addition to the #RoadYogi event, I had the chance to spend a few days at the beach, to discover the yoga and brewery scene on the cape and to celebrate one of my most favorite people in the world. My dreams of a sun-filled weekend at the beach were quickly crushed when I arrived to a wet and dreary town but I still enjoyed a relaxing 2-days connecting with new and old friends on the Cape.

BEER: Cape Cod Beer

On my way into Harwich Port, I stopped at Cape Cod Beer in Hyannis. The taproom is set inside the actual brewery space so you are instantly immersed in the brewing experience. The space was filled with people of all ages on a cloudy Thursday afternoon.

Cape Cod Beer offers every patron an option to try a beer flight, or 5 3-oz pours of different beers. Plus, you get to keep the souvenir glass, all for just $5. The brewers were so friendly and helpful with my choices. I sampled a few of the my usual go to’s (Pale Ale, Wheat, IPA) but I was surprised to discover how much I enjoyed the Cape Cod Porter. Dark, malty and delicious! If you are making your way to the cape soon, definitely stop in for a quick pint or flight of great brew.

YOGA: Power Yoga of Cape Cod

Since the weather was so dreary, I decided to attend a mid-day class at a local yoga studio. I practiced with a lovely teacher named Andrea and we connected after class about the evolving yoga community at large. It was the perfect remedy to an otherwise grey day.


HIGHLIGHT: My Best Friend’s Wedding

On Friday, July 7th, Steven Fragale married Kelsey June in a rainy yet beautiful ceremony in Harwich Port, MA. Although I originally met Mush (the name we lovingly use for Steven) freshman year at Syracuse University, we didn’t become close until junior year. We traveled abroad to Madrid, visited one another in Rye & Boston several times and shared many memories in the tail end of college and after college. After I moved to Colorado, it became harder and harder to stay in close contact with Mush so I felt so loved when I received an invite to celebrate his love and marriage to Kelsey.

As an advocate of love, I am always ready to praise my loved ones and their love for others. It was such a pleasure to celebrate these two and to reconnect with so many college friends. Some people believe rain on a wedding day is good luck and if that is true, I have full faith that these two will be the luckiest in love. Thanks for the good time friends! Congrats again!

#RoadYogi Recap-Rye, NY

#RoadYogi Recap-Rye, NY


So I go home to Rye fairly often. Not only are most of my friends and family still living in or around the city, it is such a wonderful place to call home. A historically quaint and well-manicured New York suburb, Rye is about a 30-minute drive or a 40-minute train ride from NYC city limits. My trips are usually packed in with visits to friends and family all around the city, quick runs and sunrise walks to the beach, lots of homemade meals from my mama, long nights with high school friends and trips to my favorite spots around town for hometown eats.

I feel a little biased writing a recap about Rye since I don’t think I can sum up the appreciation I have for my adolescence in a 500 word blog. So, I’ll keep my memories inside this time and offer up a few quick highlights on favorite things I like to do when I’m home in the RYE.


YOGA: Personal Practice or YogaDownload.com Videos


Although there are a few yoga studios and spots to practice around town, I usually opt to get outside and enjoy long runs around Rye. At the very least, I run down to the beach and back home. When I’m not enjoying the beautiful outdoors, I get on my mat and practice by myself. And now that I have my YogaDownload videos available to review, my personal practice is reignited.


JUICE: Pureganic Café, https://www.pureganic-cafe.com/


Owned by one of the most fabulous people I’ve ever met, Pureganic Café is always my go to for fresh juice, cold-brew and yummy snacks. Moshira is an Egyptian goddess (literally) and I’m so grateful to know her and support this local business.


HIGHLIGHTS: Family & Friends Time

A trip home is always complete with quality time with my dearest friends and family. I prioritize the people that have known and loved me for several years and I am happy to give them all the love right back.

I’ll be back in Rye this weekend and I cannot wait to reconnect with the ones I love. See you soon New York!

#RoadYogi Recap-Columbus, OH

#RoadYogi Recap-Columbus, OH

Now that my #RoadYogi adventure is over, people often ask me which city was my favorite. And my immediate response is Columbus, OH! You might be surprised, albeit rather shocked, to hear that from a coastal chic who loves the mountains and never spent much time in the midwest. However, this little gem of a city surprised me with the most serendipitous morning.


On Friday, June 30th at 4AM, I woke up in my teardrop trailer outside of a friend’s house in Cincinnati, OH. It was rather hot in Cincy that morning so I couldn’t sleep. I had plans to drive all the way to Philadelphia that evening so I figured I would just get a move on and get back on the road.

Feeling inspired by one of my favorite OAR’s songS, the “Road Outside Columbus,” I drove through Columbus that morning to grab a quick coffee. I arrived close to the 6AM hour and while driving through the Short North district in search of a coffee shop, I stumbled upon a yoga studio. I quickly thought to myself “Its Friday at 6AM, its probably time for yoga!”

I quickly gathered a yoga outfit out of my trailer, grabbed my yoga mat and reusable water bottle and ran into Yoga on High. Little did I know Yoga on High was such a prominent of a yoga institution! I was immediately greeted by the girl at the front desk who registered me for the Ashtanga Primary Series class. I walked to the dressing rooms and noticed pictures of Ashtanga yoga legend and Boulder-local, Richard Freeman. Yoga on High hosts many world renowned yoga teachers  including my soon-to-be teacher, Jason Crandell, who is based in SF. I soon realized I was definitely in the right place! Even though Ashtanga is not my usual practice, I was just grateful to be led in a yoga practice in a place filled with such knowledge and experience. 


I practiced the 90-minute primary series and the girl at the front desk gifted me the class for free after she learned about my #RoadYogi adventure. I asked her where I could grab a coffee near by and she told me about Mission Coffee Roasters around the corner.


I grabbed my Ozo Coffee Roasters to-go mug and stepped into the Mission. The barista greeted me, asked for my order and took my mug in his hands. Before processing the order, he lovingly looked at my cup and said “Oh I love Ozo; I know the owners.” I thought I recognized him from somewhere and then it clicked. “Yea, me too,” I replied. “Did you used to work at Novo in Denver?” He responded with a resounding “Yes!” We knew each other from CO!

How serendipitous is that?!? He moved back to Columbus for the summer and here I was traveling across the country, not even intending to stop in this college town and just happened to step into his coffee shop. That little meeting made my day. Talk about the power of connection and an eco-friendly reusable mug!

Since I had another 12-hour drive to the east coast ahead of me, I quickly shot over to Native Cold Pressed Juice Company for another pick me up. The lady at Native listened to my serendipitous story and helped me select the perfect juice to get me through my day.


Call me hipster all you want but I freaking love good yoga, good coffee, good juice and good connection. Columbus, I will definitely be back!!!

HIGHLIGHTS: The serendipity of the morning and all of the magical encounters!

YOGA: Yoga on High

COFFEE: Mission Coffee Roasters

JUICE: Native Cold Pressed

#RoadYogi Recap-Kansas City, MO

#RoadYogi Recap-Kansas City, MO

Ever since moving to Colorado, I always wanted to visit Kansas City. Many people might be surprised by that statement but I have many reasons for my admiration of KCMO. During business school, I was introduced to Tank 7, a most famous farmhouse ale, brewed at Boulevard Brewing Company. And it has since become my favorite beer. Furthermore, my teacher Gina spent many years building yoga communities in both Kansas City & Blue Springs so it just felt right to follow in her footsteps as the next #yoginiontheloose, aka the #roadyogi. Upon entering the MO side of KC, I immediately felt at home. Something about the energy of that city caused me to feel welcomed and relaxed. Read on about my favorite stops in KCMO!

YOGA: Sage Center for Yoga & Healing Arts

Sage Center for Yoga & Healing Arts is the place to practice, to heal and to simply be in Kansas City! Led by CSOY alum, Sarah Kucera, Sage Center for Yoga & Healing Arts is the reincarnation of my teacher Gina’s studio Kansas Siddhi Yoga. So not only is Sage the home of many Colorado School of Yoga graduates, it is the home of the CSOY affiliate training program in KC. So you know, the Sage yoga community are most definitely my people.

As a proud Colorado School of Yoga alum, I was welcomed in to this immaculate sanctuary on a beautiful Sunday morning in Kansas City to guest teach the weekly community class. I was fortunate enough to teach a full group of loyal yoga students and current teacher trainees. We practiced a bit of myofascial release using the RAD tools followed by an all levels yoga practice and enjoyed some Noosa Yogurt, Bhakti Chai and Good Day Chocolate samples Après Yoga.

Sage offers yoga classes, Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) and chiropractic work. When you visit Kansas City, be sure to stop in and check out the offerings at Sage in downtown Kansas City. Special thanks to Sage’s owner Sarah and my KCMO CSOY family for hosting me!

Runner-Up: Midtown Yoga Kansas City (MYKC)

Before my trip to the midwest, one of my students in Denver introduced me to a beautiful being of light and love. Kerry Dean Steuart is an absolute gem and the proud owner of MYKC. A retired Air Force veteran, Kerry’s intentions are to offer affordable yoga and mindfulness practices to underserved populations the KCMO area. I visited Kerry’s studio on Sunday afternoon and we shared a brief seated meditation practice with a few friends. It was a true pleasure to meet this angel of a human and I look forward to connecting with him again soon.

BEER: Boulevard Brewing Company

This one is a given. When you are in KCMO, take a trip to Boulevard Brewing Company. Take the brewery tour, learn about great brew and taste the best farmhouse ale you’ve ever tasted.

FOOD: Jack’s Stack

You can’t visit Kansas City without tasting some BBQ. My friend, yoga therapist and fellow CSOY alum, Beth Woodford, took me to Jack’s Stack for take out. We shared a few things with her hubs and paired it with some tasty Boulevard brew. I normally don’t eat a ton of BBQ so this was definitely a special treat to top off my time in Kansas City.

HIGHLIGHT: Woodford Family Home

Almost a replica from Lincoln Log Homes, the Woodford Family Home is further north than KC city limits but well worth the drive. Beth was gracious enough to invite me to stay with her and I was so grateful for the peaceful time away. On Monday morning, it poured rain on the tin roof and the sound of the raindrops encouraged me to stay in and enjoy the security of the cabin. I’m not sure there is anything better than a rain storm to make you feel at hOMe.

#RoadYogi Recap-Emporia, KS

#RoadYogi Recap-Emporia, KS

You may have never heard of Emporia, Kansas but this was one of my favorite and most successful stops on my #RoadYogi tour. Emporia may be small but the yoga community sure is mighty. One of my students from my Après Yoga community in Denver, Emmy Edie, invited me to teach a few yoga events in her hometown. I was fortunate enough to be welcomed into this community with open arms and I look forward to sharing another magical experience in this sunflower state. As my Dad cleverly stated, Emporia seems like Euphoria and I think there is a lot of truth to that. Keep reading for my fave go-to-spots for yoga, beer and food in Emporia.

YOGA: Theta Yoga

Nestled behind a tanning/bronzing salon, you’ll find an immaculate yoga studio called Theta Yoga. Theta refers to that point of consciousness where you are neither awake or asleep but in that state of supreme awareness and relaxation. So, naturally, I was looking forward to settling into that space for a few days. I arrived on a Friday evening to teach a myofascial release workshop with RAD tools. The students absolutely loved rolling out the issues between their tissue.

After class, or Après Yoga, the Theta teachers treated us all to some local wine and appetizers. The Owner of Theta Yoga, Amy Ringler and Theta Teachers, Tiffany and Emmy, even gifted me with my own bottle of Yoga Pants Rosé, a special varietal from a local vineyard which was both hilarious and delicious! I closed out my Emporia visit with my Back to Basics workshop on Saturday afternoon to support the development of novice and experienced yogis alike. Cannot wait to return to Emporia to teach them again!

BEER: Mulready’s Pub

After Emmy attended a few of my events in Denver, she was inspired to start her own yoga-brewery event at Mulready’s Pub in Emporia. And luckily, owner of Mulready’s, Rick Becker, was happy to host me and my Après Yoga experience when I passed through town. Since it was a sunny June morning, we practiced outside in the beer garden and toasted with great brew after class. Mulready’s is your typical Irish pub where the beer flows like water and the company is even better. My choice of brew Après Yoga? Namaste by Dogfish Head Brewery, obviously!

FOOD: Radius Brewing Company

For lunch, the Theta girls took me to their local brewery, Radius Brewing Co. Even though we did in fact share a flight of beer, we really did go there for the food. I tried a few bites of the beer pretzels and enjoyed a rustic rueben sandwich to compliment the rich brew. It was a quick lunch because we had to get back to the studio but definitely worth a visit.

HIGHLIGHT: Meditation at the Edie Family Farm

Emmy lives on her family’s farm that has been around for over 100 years. Her family was so kind to host me and I will never forget that sense of midwest hospitality. Soon after we woke up on Saturday morning, we enjoyed a brief meditation on her deck. As we sat in stillness, I could feel the warm breeze of summer and felt the sweet serenade of the song birds. It was certainly a meditation to remember.

#RoadYogi Recap-Lawrence, KS

#RoadYogi Recap-Lawrence, KS

My first out-of-state stop on the #RoadYogi was a small college town called Lawrence, KS. Home to KU, or The University of Kansas, Lawrence lies on the east side of Kansas and hosts an eclectic and progressive community that likes yoga, good food and a more laid back lifestyle.

Upon crossing the Colorado-Kansas state line, I passed a sign that read “Kanorado” (the actual name of this border town) and it sadly took me a little too long to figure out what that word even meant. I drove across the sunflower state in 100+ degree weather and high winds and saw many wind turbines that blended into the horizon. Compared to Lawrence, there are many towns in this midwest state that have more conservative beliefs. On my 8-hour plus drive on I-70 east, I saw numerous Jesus signs, fast food chains and a large pink sign that just read “QUIT.”

Luckily, I arrived in Lawrence just in time to attend a yin yoga practice at Om Tree Shala that evening. Even though my visit to Lawrence was brief, I had the chance to explore all that this cute college town had to offer.

YOGA: Om Tree Shala

Owned by fellow Colorado School of Yoga alum and fellow Prana Flow sister, Sharyn Harley, this boutique yoga studio has an eclectic vibe with a real down to earth, hometown feel. Upon entry, I felt immediately welcome and couldn’t wait to practice. I enjoyed both the yin yoga practice when I first arrived and joined Sharyn for a hot hatha class the following morning. Those two classes were the perfect remedy for the long and slightly boring drive across KS. If you find yourself in Lawrence, please top in to Om Tree Shala and tell Sharyn I sent you!


FOOD: Bon Bon

Before leaving Lawrence, I enjoyed an outdoor lunch at this trendy new spot called Bon Bon. The vegan caesar salad was so scrumptious and the bahn-mi type sammies; absolutely delicious! Although my lunch at Bon Bon was most enjoyable, my experience was slightly spoiled by an encounter with my teardrop trailer.

Hence, the highlight of the wishing bench…

HIGHLIGHT: Wishing Bench

Before attempting to park my teardrop in the Bon Bon parking lot, I passed a wishing bench on the side of the road. Only a few minutes later, I corkscrewed / jackknifed my trailer on both sides of the car and I was soon on the verge of tears. Yet, somehow, I pulled it together and pulled the trailer out of the parking lot with only a few nicks on the side of Titan (my Ford Escape). So after lunch, I walked over to the wishing bench and meditated for a few minutes. As I sat, I did my best to manifest a safe journey across the U.S. with the rest of my #roadyogi tour adventure.

Looking back now, I guess I was like Dorothy when she clicked her heals and wished for a safe return home. But it wasn’t a dream because my wishes really did come true.

There really is no place like hOMe.


#RoadYogi Recap: Gunnison, Crested Butte & Aspen, CO

#RoadYogi Recap – Gunnison, Crested Butte & Aspen

YOGA: Sanctuary Yoga (Gunnison) | O2 (Aspen)

If and when you pass through the old western town of Gunnison, CO, find yourself venturing over to Sanctuary Yoga for a morning meditation or afternoon flow. As the original visionary behind this small town studio, Leia Morrison is not only an experienced yoga teacher; she is also a marketing maven, mother of 2 daughters and 2 pups and a city councilwoman. I was fortunate enough to lead my Back to Basics workshop to a wonderful group of women and then enjoyed an afternoon connecting and cheersing to my fellow Colorado School of Yoga alum Leia for inviting me into town.

2017-06-10 10.30.11

Aspen is one of my favorite mountain towns in Colorado and every time I visit, I make it my priority to attend class at O2 with Evan Soroka. An integral part of the Colorado School of Yoga family, Evan is a fabulous yoga teacher, the self-proclaimed “Diabetic Yogini” and badass fly fisher. O2 is a quaint studio, spa and boutique right on Main Street. Upon entry, you will immediately feel welcomed by the front desk staff and be able to peruse some high/low priced apparel to compliment your yoga practice and stay in this popular Rocky Mountain ski town.


FOOD: J Bar at Hotel Jerome (Aspen)

If you would like to treat yourself to a bougie brunch, be sure to check out J Bar at Hotel Jerome. This iconic hotel is not to be missed with its historic architecture, sophisticated elegance and cowboy dressed staff. After few nights camping in Crested Butte, I treated myself to a tasty brunch with potato latkes and a spicy bloody mary. Wander this hotel after your meal and check out the historic artwork!

BREW: High Alpine Brewing Company (Gunnison)

Who doesn’t like Beer & Pizza? High Alpine Brewing Company is a new Gunnison staple that serves up tasty microbrew and delicious brick oven pizza. Leia took me here Après Yoga at Sanctuary and we enjoyed fresh burrata, the Pig & Fig pizza and the seasonal Curecanti Chile Beer made with chiles from Paonia, CO. Highly recommend this spot if you are passing through Gunnison County and looking for a delicious lunch paired with a refreshing brew.

2017-06-10 11.55.15

COFFEE & TEA: Camp for Coffee (Crested Butte) | T-Bar Tea House (Crested Butte)

After evenings spent camping in the Gunnison National Forest, I stopped at Camp for Coffee in Crested Butte for my daily coffee dose. A favorite to both locals and tourists, this mini coffee shop is perfect for a quick coffee or breakfast on the go. Need an afternoon pick me up? Try the Thai Iced Tea at the T-Bar Tea House. Crested Butte is probably my favorite Colorado ski town with an adorable downtown, majestic mountain scenery and the most challenging ski runs!

SPECIAL TREAT: A-1 Oriental Foot Massage (Aspen)

During one of my many visits to Aspen mountain, my dear friend Jessica introduced me to the art of a foot massage Après Ski. This hidden gem is the perfect remedy to relieve sore muscles from camping, hiking, skiing and/or shopping. Sit back, relax and enjoy the benefits of reflexology!

CAMPSITE: Oh Be Joyful Campground (Crested Butte)

Colorado definitely has the best camping in America! The Oh Be Joyful Campground in Crested Butte was the perfect spot for my first weekend with my teardrop trailer. And camping off Independence Pass in Aspen was by far my most memorable camping experience this summer. I certainly faced my fears of sleeping in my camper in the wilderness and proudly built my first campfire. Both routes were challenging to get to but well worth the scenic views and stories to share.

HIGHLIGHT: Maroon Bells (Aspen)

The most photographed peaks in all of North America, Maroon Bells, are a must-see destination when you are visiting Aspen. Even though I visited Aspen several times before, this was my first time visit seeing the bells and certainly a rewarding one. With breathtaking views of the 14,000 foot mountain peaks, lush greenery and rushing rivers, I was in awe of Colorado’s most precious majesty. I arrived soon after sunrise so I missed the maroon hue of the mountains but I was fortunate enough to hike to Crater Lake in solitude. And in the winter, there is always Cloud 9.