Obrigada Portugal

Highlights from a yogi’s getaway to Carvoeiro, Lagos & Lisboa!

Last month, I flew to Portugal to attend a yoga retreat with YogaDownload. With a resort-like retreat in the Algarve and a touristy trek through the capitol city of Lisboa, this trip satiated my appetite for adventure. In the spirit of simple joy (my theme for 2021), I’ll keep this post simple with a few noteworthy facts about this historic country and several photos to spark joy!

The Moors occupied the Iberian peninsula before Spain and Portugal were founded. The Kingdom of Portugal was created as a deal with the Vatican. The King never paid the Pope for the region so he made a deal with the Church to conquer the remaining sliver of the Iberian peninsula from the Arabs, which became the Portugal-Algarve region and what is now known as Portugal.

For such a historic place, it seems Portugal lacks recognition for many of its contributions to world history and culture. Reportedly, the Portuguese brought tempura to Japan, tomatoes and onions to the Mediterranean and curries to India. Much of that impact can be attributed to the infamous explorer, Vasco de Gama, who was the first European to link Europe and Asia by sea.

I’ve read claims that Lisbon is the second oldest capitol city in Europe dating back to 1200 BC, just behind Athens! Lisboa (pronounced leesh-bo-ah) is a port city full of decorative cobblestone streets, historical landmarks and vibrantly colorful buildings. While certain areas of the city appear to be in ruins, other areas are under development and cranes litter the skyline. With a mix of fog and sunshine, 7 major hills, trolleys, 2 bridges and a temperate climate, Lisboa resembles our beloved city of San Francisco.

This trip was the perfect post(ish)-pandemic treat; a week full of yoga, food, and attempts to speak Portuguese. Obrigada Portugal!

“We are the ones who feel.”

P.S. I purchased carbon offsets for my round trip flights from SFO – EWR and EWR – LIS. Affordable and good for the planet!


  1. Pops Numis says:

    Incredibly beautiful and such a rich history! Love your descriptions of the areas and the photos are wonderful…Another great experience and adventure for you to count throughout your lifespan so far! Continue on your fabulous journey my darling daughter ❤️

  2. Shannon Cox says:

    What a great description of this country and your adventure! Happy I was able to share part of it with you!

  3. PedroL says:

    Amazing to read and see your experience in my country 🙂 cheers from Lisbon, PedroL

  4. Ellen says:

    Wonderful writing and photos!

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