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Après Ski Yoga

“Just completed this class after my first day on the mountain this season. The hamstring and foot fascia stretches were blissful! Off for a sauna now to complete the relaxation!”

YDL-Low Lunge with Quad Stretch

Avant Ski Yoga

“This stretched out my hips, IT bands, feet, everywhere I need, and got my heart rate up.”

YDL- Speed Skater Lunge

Earth Yoga

“Denelle has quickly become one of my most favorite instructors. She communicates clearly and her cueing is spot on. I appreciate the way she really does enable you to feel more of a connection to the Earth THROUGH the practice, as opposed to just telling you what to feel.”

YDL- Samakonasana

Yoga for Heartbreak

“What a nurturing practice! I know this will be one of my go to classes as I’ve struggled with lots of loss over the past several years. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

YDL-Warrior II

Manipura Movement Flow

“This is my idea of a perfect yoga class. Challenging, but relaxing. Thank you! I loved it.”

YDL-Rainbow Sweeps

Lunar Flow

“Loved the balance of flow and the hip/hamstring stretches. The perfect way to warm up and wind down into sleep!”

YDL-Pigeon 2

Nightime Nidra

“Highly recommend this practice for those of us who cannot relax very easily to retire for the evening. It is incredibly relaxing and enjoyable.”


Element Yoga: Earth

“This was perfect – grounding. Just what I needed after a long, stressful day. Highly recommended! Great for evening. Can’t wait to try the others.”

YDL-Malasana 2

Element Yoga: Fire

“Challenging but accessible. Definitely a ‘fire’ practice! Will do this one again.”


Element Yoga: Water

“Love the slow fluid movements. I felt so peaceful and calm after this practice.”

YDL-Skandasana 2

Element Yoga: Air

“Such a lovely class. The sequence invigorated, calmly stretched, then soothed me down.”

YDL-Natarajasana 2

Element Yoga: Space

“This is a wonderful restorative class that helped me shift my mind and body in a short time. I will definitely take this class again in the future.”

YDL-Mod. Anjanyeasana

Yoga to Stop Smoking

“I just stopped a smoking relapse I was having and I came across this totally by ‘accident’- it was as if this practice was just handed to me and it was just what I needed.”

YDL-Modified Side Plank

Yoga for Smokers

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YDL-Ardha Matsyendrasana 2

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