A Coronaversary Recap

This week marks the anniversary of the shelter-in-place order in San Francisco, CA. While most of the world and much of the U.S. population had already experienced some restrictions with in person activities, SF announced its official lockdown on Monday, March 16th. Looking back now, I’m embarrassed to admit how long it took me to get on board with the pandemic.

Earlier that week, I had flown back from a ski trip to SLC. I clearly didn’t understand the severity of this virus and the respective reality that I wouldn’t fly on a commercial jet plane for at least another year!

In the weeks prior to lockdown, I hosted a yoga retreat, went to therapy and attended dinners and drinks with family and friends. Despite initial warnings to limit class size, avoid hands on assists and reminders to sanitize all mats and props (sadly that wasn’t always the norm), I still taught and practice several yoga classes at various studios, fitness clubs and corporate offices in the city.

Fortunately, my discomfort eventually took over and on Friday the 13th, shit got real. I excused myself from teaching in person, cancelled my upcoming trip to London, began quarantine and quickly adjusted to teaching yoga online and my new life at home.

Admittedly, in the beginning, I was just grateful for the break and the excuse to stay home. After a year of historical loss, social justice uprising and a unforgettable day when we stood beneath an orange sky, I feel like its necessary to reflect on the things I’ve learned and highlight the silver linings, blessings and lessons on this coronaversary.

So in no particular order, here are my 21 takeaways from the pandemic:

  1. I can teach yoga online/at home and I can teach without music.
  2. Even though I’ve lost contact with quite a few people, I’ve cherished the time spend with a select few.
  3. My apartment is truly a gem and the more time I spend here, the cleaner, less cluttered and cozier it becomes.
  4. Social media is no longer a focal point in my life.
  5. My neighbors are not strangers anymore.
  6. Walking around the city is good cardio.
  7. I can use my resources and replenish only as needed.
  8. Crosswords, sudoku and other brainteasers bring me joy. I love cheap thrills!
  9. A morning routine is pertinent to my well-being.
  10. I can cook most of my meals at home and feel satiated and satisfied.
  11. I don’t need alcohol. Period.
  12. I can be low maintenance and still feel beautiful.
  13. I am more familiar (and in love) with my neighborhood than ever before.
  14. Little Free Libraries are a wonderful addition to society.
  15. I can be of service and volunteer my time virtually.
  16. Connection is imperative amid isolation.
  17. Movement and music fill my soul.
  18. Face masks highlight my eyes.
  19. I can have depressive moments and they don’t have to control me.
  20. I can find joy in the simple life.
  21. We can do hard things! (Thank you Glennon Doyle)

What are your biggest takeaways from the past year? Please share in the comments below!

As always, may it be of benefit.

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  1. Dad says:

    Very insightful my dear one ❤️

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