SF Review: Equinox

As a countdown to my 1 year anniversary of living the dream in San Francisco, I would like to honor and highlight each studio that has welcomed me to teach yoga to its community. 

“Voted Best Gym in America by Fitness Magazine, Equinox is a temple of well-being, featuring world-class personal trainers, group fitness classes, and spas.” With immaculate facilities stocked with all the amenities you might need in a gym setting, Equinox elevates the gym experience to an entirely new level where each location serves as a sanctuary, an oasis from hectic city life in SF.

When I was living in NYC after college, I frequented the Equinox on the Upper West Side. I often received direct mailers with free passes so I took advantage as much as I could. Once I moved to San Francisco, I knew I had to be a part of this global fitness brand.

Since I started teaching  in 2010, I found out quickly that I was a good fit for the gym environment. My first regular teaching gig was a 6:30AM yoga class at One Boulder Fitness and even though I was a novice teacher, I woke up bright eyed and ready to go knowing that the students would show and that I always had something to teach them.

Over the last year, I’ve taught countless classes at all 3 Equinox club locations in the city. I’ve noticed that the caliber of students at Equinox is really solid and I absolutely adore the members that come practice with me week after week. Yet, one student made me feel the most welcome. One Friday last fall, I taught my regularly scheduled 90-minute Vinyasa flow practice at Pine Street. Global CEO, Niki Leondakis, came to take my class that night and we connected after class but she never mentioned who she was. I only learned she was CEO after she emailed my manager that night with this glowing review:

“Denelle’s energy, humor and quality of her instruction were great. She did helpful adjustments throughout and provided consistent detailed instruction. Her demeanor and personal approach creates the type of community feeling we want to create at Equinox and the soul we need in our yoga.”

While the perks of working at Equinox are plentiful, it feels so good to be seen and appreciated by the leader of a global luxury fitness organization. And even better to be acknowledged and respected by the students, peers and staff. My managers Buddy Macuha and Ingrid Zagzebski continue to make me feel special and I am so grateful!

If you need to find me midweek, you can usually catch me at Equinox soaking up the steam room, working on my various projects in the workspaces or teaching some good fun yoga! If you would like to check out any Equinox facility, email me your name, phone number and which location and date you would like to enjoy and I’ll send you a guest pass. I promise you will not be disappointed.

Happy Friday!






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  1. Dennis J Numis says:

    Your blogs seem to be very very positive and it seems the compliment awarded you by Ms Leondakis has it’s effects on her and your students because you bring it with you in your teachings. Brava and love your writings 😊

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