SF Review: Yoga Works

As a countdown to my 1 year anniversary of living the dream in San Francisco, I would like to honor and highlight each studio that has welcomed me to teach yoga to its community.


I first discovered Yoga Works while visiting my cousin Adam in Santa Monica, CA. Maty Ezraty, original owner and founder, opened the Main Street studio location in 1987 and the company is now revered as one of the top yoga businesses in the U.S. Originally “the first school of its kind, Yoga Works offered different styles of yoga including Iyengar and Ashtanga with many of the world’s best-known teachers” and still does today!

Whenever I visited Adam and/or our friend Ben in Santa Monica, one of my most favorite rituals was walking down to the beach for seated meditation, hitting a 2 hour class at Yoga Works – Main and grabbing an iced coffee, juice and/or pastry after class. Since I always make it a priority to visit a Yoga Works location every time I’m in Los Angeles, I knew I had to be on the teacher roster at Yoga Works San Francisco.

Yoga Works currently operates over 50 studios across the country but even with that massive growth, the studios still celebrate diversity and creativity in its offerings. In 2015, Yoga Works purchased all of the Yoga Tree studios in San Francisco. Once I auditioned for both studios, I was invited to teach at Yoga Tree and Yoga Works!

What do I love about teaching at Yoga Works?

  • Expansive Yoga Studio Space for all the Instagram worthy shots
  • Comfortable Sitting Area so I can connect with my students after class
  • Complimentary Numi Tea so I can sip while I chat
  • Walking distance to my apartment
  • Stellar team of teachers and supportive staff
  • Dedicated students
  • Opportunities and growth ahead

To follow up on that last bullet point, I’m leading a mini-workshop series on myofascial release therapy every Sunday this month. Limited to only 10 students, I have a few spots available so if you’re interested in rolling out with RAD Roller, reserve your spot today!


See you on the mat!



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  1. Dennis J Numis says:

    It seems that Yoga – Works 😉 and oh by the way, I love that Numi Tea :-)))

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