SF Review: Yoga Flow

As a countdown to my 1 year anniversary of living the dream in San Francisco, I would like to honor and highlight each studio that has welcomed me to teach yoga to its community.

Upon arriving in San Francisco, I immediately began to leverage any connections I had from my previous yoga experience in Colorado. I knew a few local, established teachers from my work with  Hanuman Festival so I reached out to my network. Darren Main was one yogalebrity who responded almost immediately to my inquiry and introduced me to a few studios. One of those contacts was the manager of Yoga Flow, Britany Paradis. Britany and I immediately bonded and I was soon hired on to sub at Yoga Flow SF!


Owned by a local yoga loving family, Yoga Flow has 2 studios which offer dynamic, hot vinyasa flow classes in Cow Hollow and in the Ingleside neighborhood. Each studio has its own unique setting but they are both completely photo worthy.

Nicknamed the “Tree House”, Yoga Flow Union has 2 practice rooms on the second floor with beautiful bay windows amongst the tree tops with a bustling street below.

Yoga Flow Ocean has an expansive studio with high ceilings and giant singing bowls to accompany your practice. This space also has another small room which serves as an additional practice room in the evenings but is utilized for child care during the day.

After fulfilling numerous sub requests early on last fall, Britany and studio owner Kathleen Holm brought me on board to teach a few regularly scheduled classes at both studio locations. In addition to my yoga teacher experience, I also leveraged my previous retail experience and assumed the role of Retail Manager. I instantly felt so welcome and supported by the dynamic team at Yoga Flow and was honored to be a part of it all.


With all things in life, we must practice impermanence since change is ultimately inevitable. After teaching and working with the team at Yoga Flow for a few months, it was time to let something go. As you will see in future blog posts, I immersed myself in several yoga communities here in the city and it was only a matter of time before I refocused my energy elsewhere. I still have so much respect for Kathleen as the owner of this studio and I absolutely adore Britany, the main yogini in charge. If you are interested in purchasing some new yoga gear from brands like Beyond Yoga, NUX and Kulae, check out the retail assortment at both locations as I might have had something to do with it!

Happy Shopping!



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