SF Review: Après Yoga

As a countdown to my 1 year anniversary of living the dream in San Francisco, I would like to honor and highlight each studio that has welcomed me to teach yoga to its community. 

Après Yoga is the premiere mobile yoga business where we welcome students of all levels into unique venues to connect in community over a refreshing beverage after class. Whether its a cup of coffee, a beer or a glass of wine, Après Yogis like to enjoy their #yogawithbenefits! Check out our full calendar and come to breathe, bend and brew!


I first launched Après Yoga in Denver in May 2015 and last summer I took the concept on the road as the #RoadYogi! Since moving to CA last fall, I am proud to say that my small yoga biz is still going strong both in the mile high city and the bay area.

Since moving to SF, I have partnered with 8 breweries in San Francisco, Sacramento, Oakland, San Leandro & Tahoe and 1 winery in Santa Cruz all the while doing my best to maintain several key partnerships in Denver. While some events are successful, there are as many that fail. This work continues to be a learning process but I guess that is all part of running a business. Special shout outs to my team of teachers and all the amazing staff at these numerous locations because I definitely could not do it alone. And of course deep bows of gratitude to the community of students who love and support Après Yoga!

To commemorate this special occasion, please use the code DENELLE at checkout for $5 OFF your next event as a token of my appreciation! Hope to see you on the mat soon!



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  1. Dennis J Numis says:

    Wonderful to see Apres Yoga still working hard and students and teachers alike benefiting from both Yoga and Libations! Cheers 🙂

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