Digital Detox Day

Saturday was a perfect day for a digital detox. What really needs to be a monthly event for me seems to be more of an annual activity. Initially inspired by Brad Feld, highly respected venture capitalist, tech entrepreneur and my adjunct professor during my tenure in b-school, a day free of devices and corresponding obligations is a real treat!

Since I basically work #everydamnday and January 5th was the only “off” day I enjoyed so far this year, I was overdue for a digital detox and a day at home. And while I was tempted to retreat to the mountains for one expectedly epic ski day, I just know myself and I knew I would feel better prioritizing my time in reflection and relative solitude.

After logging off and turning my phone off Friday night around 10:15PM, my early bird internal clock woke me up around 6:30AM but fortunately I got back to sleep and rose again shortly before 9AM. My apartment was in complete disarray with unfolded (clean) laundry still in its bin, my RAD tools still packed in my suitcase from my training in Colorado the previous weekend and lots of unopened mail and packages still to sort thru.

Admittedly I was only midly hungover after drinking two beers with high ABV content the night before with my friend Jack to kick off the start of #SFBeerWeek! (Side Note: I’m a lightweight now and/or I’ve finally come to accept that truth / I’m totally cool with it!)

So anyway, I got out of bed, showered and got to work on several things around the house; household chores that I rather not list or bore you with. I’m sure you get the idea.

Marie Kondo‘s method of tidying up is trending again since this expert organizer has her own Netflix show. During my minimalist movement in 2017, I read her book and remembered that while the process of dumping and decluttering can be super therapeutic it also seems to be endless. From what I remember, her intention is to inspire everybody to keep things that only “spark joy.” And while I can’t stay that everything in my apartment sparks joy for me, I’m pretty damn joyful at this point in my life 🙂

While going through a bin of cards, photos, class notes and mementos, I took a serious trip down memory lane. There was laughter and there were tears. I saved some items that made me feel all warm and fuzzy then discarded anything that already spent enough time in my space and in my life. I even mailed out a few memories to my closest friends and family to share the love. It was all extremely necessary and quite therapeutic. Perfect for a cloudy rainy Saturday in my new home of San Francisco.

Once I felt my space was clean and free of excess clutter, I sat for a few minutes in meditation, rolled out with my RAD tools and enjoyed a moderate personal yoga practice. I laid in savasana and felt completely full of contentment, or what we yogis call santosha!

While I didn’t get around to the many unfinished projects still on my to-do list, I was happy with all that I accomplished. I finished the evening with a good meal, a good book and some chocolate in bed. Completely free of technology but so full of the freedom to do just as I wanted. So tell me, are you now inspired to enjoy a digital detox yourself?

Highly recommend it!


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    Well done 👍🏼

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