Moving to the City by the Bay

“California here I come…right back where I (sort of) started from…”

San Francisco

Photo by the inimitably talented, Brant Williams

With a taste of bittersweet sadness and a lot of overwhelming excitement, I am ready to announce that I will begin a new chapter in the city by the bay this fall.

After 9 action-packed years living a life I absolutely love in Colorado, the time has come to end my reign in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Some of you may be surprised by this news but I’ve spent several years in CO debating my place in our Centennial State. And while I am consistently happy from all the sunshine and snow, enamored by its natural beauty and grateful for all the experiences and accomplishments I’ve enjoyed, I have never truly embraced Colorado as my home.

New York will always be home to me. NY raised me but CO shaped me. And I have full faith that California will assist in fulfilling my desires to live a life full of love, service and inspiration.

To be honest, I’ve wanted to move to San Francisco ever since I moved to Colorado. When I was first hired at lululemon athletica in 2008, I drafted a 10-year vision that had me running my own yoga studio and living in a solar paneled home with my future husband. And although my reality might look a little different today, I am certainly running my own yoga business and eager to see how the rest of my dreams shake out in the bay area.

I want to live in a bustling city full of opportunity and viable public transportation. I want to ride my bike across the Golden Gate, shake my booty as I climb the steep the hills of the city and teach, study and practice yoga with a vibrant, diverse and conscious yoga community.

I am ready to be closer to family and friends that I absolutely adore and cheers to new friendships, relationships and partnerships. I plan to keep my yoga dream alive and do my best to duplicate the Après Yoga experience in the bay and the surrounding areas (i.e. wine country!)

My #RoadYogi adventure has allowed me the opportunity to explore what I truly want in life and has solidified my decision to begin again. Traveling across the country has helped me digest, process and translate this transformation in a new direction.

Colorado-you will always have my heart in many ways but it is definitely time for a change. I’ll be back in Denver 1 week from today and have plans to host a few blowout events before I depart in early October so be sure to sign up for my newsletter to get all the details in your inbox.

Remember CO family…just like Gilbert Grape says, “Its not goodbye, its just goodnight.”

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  1. Kristen says:

    Congratulations Denelle! Change can be scary but puts everything in perspective and only makes you grow stronger! The good things in life will always be there for you- no matter where you are!
    Would love to see you if you ever head out my way!! (NZ!)

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