I am Fierce.

Yesterday, I completed a super FIERCE challenge. From April 7th, 2015 to March 7th, 2016, I participated in 100 classes at Fierce45, a rad and kickass fitness studio in Denver.


I first visited Fierce out of curiosity and interest to test my strength at the Lagree Fitness Method, or what I lovingly call pilates on crack. I also wanted to support my fellow yoga teacher friend, Torrey Newman, on her new business. Torrey and I initially connected when I was working at Yoga Pod Inc. and we were about to open new Yoga Pod locations in Denver. She started to teach at the Pod studios soon after but little did we know she had something of her own brewing on the side.

Since launching Fierce45 in March 2015, Torrey has opened 2 studio locations in Denver and has helped build a wonderful community of fierce and fabulous women and men! This particular modality of fitness might speak for itself but there is something unique about Fierce45 that has kept me coming back for the past 11 months.


The minute I stepped on the mega former, I was hooked! I had already taken a few Lagree fitness method classes in the past, both at Pilates Evolution and BoCo Fit, but the sense of inclusion and support I felt at Fierce45 was unparalleled to anything I had ever experienced before.

At Fierce45, there are various challenges and contests to encourage you to come back and see results. There is accountability as you write your name and intention on the board before every class and track your results of each challenge. The coach’s encouragement and inspiration support your overall commitment to this workout regimen. They greet you with a smile and/or a hug and remember your name! As a yoga teacher myself, I appreciate the extra time one takes to learn your name and to help you feel welcome and included.

Throughout the past year, I have both succeeded and struggled with many of the exercises at Fierce45. When I endured some physical challenges (bicep tendinitis and plantar fasciitis) last fall, I had to take a 3-month hiatus. Since I had already committed to finish the 100-class challenge, I went back for to finish what I started. Since last March, I have gotten so much stronger and fit. I lost inches off my waist, hips and thighs and my body looks more defined. My arm balance practice has never been better so it seems Lagree is a natural complement to my yoga asana practice. Not only has it helped me feel more confident in my body, Fierce45 has showed me how fierce and badass I really am. Thanks to all of the coaches for helping me to achieve this goal. You ladies rock!

Try out a class at Fierce45 soon, I promise you won’t regret it.


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    “May The Fierce Be With You!”…..That’s funny….I love it!… You “ARE” Fierce… With a lot of love and kindness mixed in that blend. Proud again.

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