Cover Letter to Denelle Yoga


To Whom It May Concern:

If 2015 was a year of failures, disappointments and defeat, 2016 must be my year of successes, acceptance and accomplishment. Today, I stand proud at the path I have chosen. Albeit risky and stressful at times, the entrepreneurial life seems like the right path for me.

Throughout my professional career, I have come across many roadblocks.

During my tenure at Macy’s Inc. in NYC, I never felt that I was contributing to the greater good. I managed a private label intimate apparel sleepwear brand where I constantly felt that the products we produced lacked purpose. They were poorly made and seemed superfluous. In addition, when I assumed the role of Green Warden under the direction of the COO, I felt squandered at my entrepreneurial endeavors to make the office more eco-friendly. I quickly learned of my desire to live and work in an environment that not only supported those efforts and interests but also celebrated them.

Once I moved to Colorado in 2008, I felt deeply connected to my new environment. I studied yoga and began to develop my community in a new town. Over the years, I held numerous roles just to get by and attempted to make my yoga teacher business work on a part-time basis. Yet, I always felt that I was being pulled in so many different directions and I couldn’t devote my time and attention to my offerings as a yoga teacher. I was spread too thin and never felt fully engaged when I was leading a group of yogis in the studio.

I assumed going back to school would help springboard me into a new career path. Attending business school at CU Boulder was tremendously valuable. I learned so much about finance, marketing and entrepreneurship during my two-year team. I was involved in anything and everything: venture capital competitions, prospective student ambassador program, outdoor industry club, business plan competitions, mentorship program…the list goes on. I figured a life in finance would get me places, help stipend my loss in income getting my MBA and fulfill my dreams. Yet, when it came time to find a job, I kept coming up short.

At the end of 2013, I took time to travel the Far East to gain some perspective. After spending 6 weeks traveling through Southeast Asia, I learned a lot about myself and what impact I wanted to have on the world. I discovered that I am equally passionate about the yoga practice and yoga as a business. I was determined to marry my two passions together in a sincere effort to elevate the yoga industry to the same level of respect and legitimacy as other industries in the world.

Upon my return to life Colorado, I explored numerous opportunities both in the yoga industry and in technology but those roles neither seemed to fulfill me in the same way entrepreneurship has.

I find work as a yoga teacher to be so rewarding. Like any yoga teacher, I hope to make yoga more accessible to the masses but as a businesswoman, I strive to create value in the yoga experience for both the student and the teacher. I feel so blessed to provide a full body and mind experience to a collective of dreamers, seekers and doers. Yoga students continue to impress me with their deep sense of curiosity and wonderment. I sincerely hope I can continue to inspire them to feel more fulfilled in their lives both in their practice and out in the world.

I am fully committed to my life as a yoga teacher and vow to create, and serve my community, this country and the world with the power of yoga. I look forward to our successes this year and beyond.

I respect the divinity within you, Namaste!

Most sincerely,


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  1. DAD says:

    I am so proud of the insight and passion you have to seek your position in our World. You have worked extremely hard to get to this point with not only your formal education and different jobs that you have had but also with the extensive travel that you have enjoyed. It is great that you get to see these places and to accumulate different perspectives and view other cultures. Your path seems to be in focus and I am here if I can be of any help along your Journey….Strength, Love and Peace-Pops

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