Check out a few student testimonials to learn more about the Yoga with Denelle experience:

Leila Hock, Peer Yoga Teacher & Life Coach

Denelle is a fabulous yoga teacher with not only a wealth of knowledge about the practice and the tradition, but a true passion for the growth of her students. You can’t help but be energized and optimistic after a class or session with her.

Anjelica Ellis, Yoga Student

I have been doing yoga for over a year and a half. At the beginning of my practice I was lucky to meet Denelle. Since my very first yoga class with Denelle I have continued to be her loyal student for several reasons. First, Denelle’s class always offers creative poses that tie into an exhilarating flow. Denelle is always punctual starting and ending class on time. She is always cheerful and offers guidance verbally as well as physically. Denelle is amazing at adjusting your body to get it to that perfect yoga form. Denelle always pushing me to work harder and not be afraid to fail in the peak poses. Denelle’s playlists are different and varied they mix techno, oldies, rock, rap and mediation music. Her thought out playlists allow every class be unique and exciting. I am so happy to have Denelle in my life and find her to be more than just my yoga teacher she is my friend and mentor.

Camille Breslin, Yoga Student

Denelle’s classes are a symbiotic mix of traditional & contemporary techniques in yoga. I’ve never been disappointed by her classes, and often go out of my way to be in attendance. I’m constantly being challenged in every class, walking away with a new experience, mindset and technique.

Courtney Lindau, Yoga Student

Denelle was one of my first yoga teachers at Yoga Pod, and her teaching style and inspiring words played a big role in my love for yoga. Denelle always has positive intentions for her class that I can relate to and I always walk out of her classes with a fresh, positive perspective on life. Not only are Denelle’s classes motivating, they’re also a lot of fun. Even as a relatively new practitioner, I feel like I can safely try new things in her classes and feel accomplished in my small achievements, thanks to her positive support. She mixes basics and challenging poses to create classes that are both comfortable and exciting. I look forward to her classes every week and would recommend them to anyone who is looking to build strength mentally and physically!

Josh Guillen, Yoga Student

I started Yoga within the last year and in the beginning there was an intimidation factor delving into something that was unconventional from other personal activities. Fortunately though, I happenstance found a place where Denelle teaches. She has helped me develop a deeper appreciation for Yoga, realizing it is more than just an activity and to feel comfortable embracing my practice. In some form of physical or mental I always learn something new when she is teaching, it’s great. Her knowledge, clear communication and genuine passion for Yoga and her students are always present. She also provided some great advice when I suffered an outside injury and the best way to continue without compromising my recovery. Another plus, her playlist is pretty sweet.

Angelica Ellis, Yoga Student

I am writing as a beginner yogi.  I started my practice in August with the Yoga Pod LODO and have been obsessed with taking yoga ever since. I was not too far into my practice when I discovered yoga with Denelle. Denelle has become one of my favorite yoga instructors for a couple reasons.  First, every class incorporates varied poses that open up my body to new movements.  She is very good at mixing up her class with challenging poses as well as more simple movements.  She keeps me engaged with a fun playlist that sets the mood and she even has held the class with no music and kept me interested. She is very educated about the practice and discusses aspects of yoga at the beginning and end of the class. Her posture is amazing and she stands as a perfect example on how to pose correctly in each posture.  You can tell that she loves yoga to the core and that is what makes her so great. I highly recommend taking her class.

Micaela Cohen Kirshy, Yoga Student

I stumbled upon Denelle’s class and, for the first time since moving to Denver, felt like I was home. Denelle’s style is grounded in yoga theory with sequences that are meaningful, creative, and challenging without feeling like an aerobics class. Each movement and pose that Denelle chooses for her class has a purpose. Denelle’s love for yoga and her students is so clear, and it is contagious. After each class I attend with Denelle, I feel physically strong, mentally clear, and emotionally connected to the world around me. With humility a heart full of gratefulness, Denelle shares love and wisdom with her students. I’ve taken dozens of yoga classes that take students through the marriage of poses and breath. Denelle takes her classes to another level, infusing them with purpose and urging students to grow and explore through the movements of their practice. 

Lledo Esquerra, Yoga Student

I fell in love with yoga about a year ago. Denelle was one of my first teachers, and certainly one of the reasons why yoga changed how I interact with the world and myself. I’m lucky to take her classes at the Yoga Pod Boulder and Denver LoDo. She is able to create a safe but challenging environment where everyone can develop her/his own practice through very detailed asanas while leaving space for internal growth.  But what I like the most about her… her smile!

Amanda Michael, Yoga Student

As a former ballerina, I have dabbled with yoga my whole life. However, it was not until I joined Yoga Pod that I fell in love with yoga, and Denelle is a huge part of why. Denelle’s class is something I look forward to each week; her energy and passion for yoga are contagious! Denelle’s practice always challenges the mind, body, and soul, but she balances this with a sense of humor and light-heartedness. Her dance background is apparent in her beautiful flows and poses, and she does a great job of breaking down the poses so that all levels can comfortably participate. She is a wonderful teacher and I leave her class energized and ready to take on the week!

Ashley Harold, Yoga Student

As a kind, genuine and motivational yoga instructor, Denelle’s light truly shines. Her style of teaching speaks to all levels and encourages you to trust your body, while using it as a guide to reach your full potential on the mat. Her classes radiate with positive energy and will leave you feeling stronger, both physically and mentally.

Francoise Hall, Daily Yoga Practitioner

I’d like to thank Denelle for giving such good yoga classes.  I love her demonstrations of the poses as they radiate the grace and fluidity of her dance background.  Denelle’s creativity in the sequence of poses is superb.  Her enunciation is clear and succinct.  I love her smile and choice of music.

Campbell Davis, Private Yoga Student

I give Denelle 100% credit for spurring my interest in yoga.  My first time practicing yoga was 3 or 4 years ago and while my experience was by no means an unpleasant one, it certainly didn’t leave me with the desire to continue.  After my first class with Denelle – about 7 months ago – I was hooked.  I try to attend Denelle’s classes as often as I can.  She is an inspiring and encouraging teacher and I always feel refreshed, energized, and peaceful after her classes.  The enthusiasm that she brings to her teaching makes every practice a truly rewarding experience. 

Ashley Herzberger, Certified Yoga Instructor, Muse & Friend,

Denelle brings an energy to class that is fun and motivating. She is incredibly dedicated to her students’ success and shows a clear passion for yoga in the studio and in her daily life. Most of all, Denelle is an achiever, a true people person and she works harder than any other yogini I know.

Roslyn Weiss, Dedicated Yoga Practitioner

I have been a consistent student of Denelle’s since she began teaching at Colorado Athletic Club and continue to come to her classes for many reasons. I truly appreciate Denelle’s teaching style which blends close attention to alignment and a challenging flowing. Denelle’s voice and presence are soothing and grounding, and her personalized adjustments during poses have helped me to grow in my practice. I always feel more aligned and rejuvenated after a class with Denelle. I highly recommend her classes to anyone wanting to build strength and presence of body and mind.

Nick Jocelyn, Dedicated Yoga Practitioner & Certified Yoga Instructor

I have been taking Denelle’s classes for about a year now, and she is a fantastic teacher.  She always comes up with thoughtful, safe, and carefully created sequences that offer modifications and challenges for all levels of yoga practitioners.  I also just recently completed my 200-hour yoga certification, and Denelle was a very supportive friend throughout – always answering questions I had and now even helping me get my start as a teacher in the local yoga community.

Lauren Champa, Dedicated Yoga Practitioner & Certified Yoga Instructor

Denelle is a wonderfully insightful, fresh, inspiring Yoga teacher.  She guides her students through deeply spiritual experience, which leaves the mind clear, the body renewed and the spirit at peace with the world. Her touch and demeanor is gentle and strong, her practice challenging, yet nurturing. I would highly recommend Denelle to anyone, from beginner to advanced practitioner.

Barb Beard Passalacqua, RYT, Certified Advanced Rolfer, 

Denelle Numis has been a fellow yoga instructor, a yoga instructor who worked for me on my yoga schedule at the health club I manage and a wonderful colleague and friend for several years.  Denelle embodies the true yogic attitude of peace, serenity  and a centeredness with a sense of self motivation and drive.  She is a multi talented young woman, a gifted yoga instructor and a smart business woman.  I feel honored to have gotten to know her, to work with her and to have been a part of her life and yogic journey.  Denelle is a pleasure to have as a friend, a co-worker and employee. 

Dave VanderJagt, Yoga Student

Denelle’s quality of teaching and ability to make yogis of all skill levels feel completely comfortable in their practice is the primary reason I enjoy yoga today and continue to attend her classes. In recent years I’ve struggled with tightness and muscle pain from weight-lifting, and practicing yoga has been the best remedy I’ve found to reduce pain and stay loose. If you want a great workout and challenge, I’d especially recommend her HOT classes!

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  1. Denelle is not only a fantastic yoga instructor but a gigantic ball of amazing love and energy. Spending a weekend with her at her brewery yoga class is guaranteed to make you smile. I always feel comfortable bringing my friends of varying levels to her class. Come alone or bring a friend everyone is incredibly friendly and we never fail to have a great time. Namaste.

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