Ready to start the summer with a healthy habit?
It takes humans 21 days to commit to change in their lives. If that is in fact true, why not be a little extra and throw in a bonus day to commemorate summer 2022!
Join me this month for a 22-day yoga challenge to start your summer with mindful movement. This online challenge is accessible to all levels to enjoy at your leisure.Every day of the challenge, you will receive a yoga tutorial video that I have designed, curated and recorded just for you. Each video will feature an intelligently designed all levels yoga practice that is less than 22 minutes long!

The challenge follows the arc of a typical yoga class where you will enjoy a well-rounded experience over the 22-day period. A restorative option will land in your inbox at the end of each week to serve as your surrender series.

Since this is my first official online program launch, I’m only asking $22/student for the entire challenge. If you are interested in participating, please enroll today!

Please reach out with any and all questions. Hope to see you on the (virtual) mat!


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