#RoadYogi Recap-Cleveland, OH

#RoadYogi Recap-Cleveland, OH

BEER: Forest City Brewery

On Thursday, July 13th, I partnered with the owner of Balance & Brews, Melissa Klimo-Major, for a special Après Yoga event at Forest City Brewery. I was first introduced to Melissa through one of Cleveland’s biggest yoga advocates, “Zen Jen”, who originally interviewed me on her podcast Planet Prana on a visit to Denver last summer. Jen’s brother, Steve, is one of my biggest fans and most loyal yoga students. I was so humbled when Steve suggested Jen feature me on her podcast and I was extremely grateful for the connection when I decided to take Après Yoga on the road. Once I knew I would pass through Cleveland, I called Jen to ask for help and she was quick to connect me with local beer loving lady Melissa!

Like a good yogini, Melissa welcomed me into her yoga community to share our love of yoga and beer. Our collaboration brought in about 40 yogis to practice in a huge room at Forest City Brewery, the oldest beer garden that ever existed in Cleveland. While the yoga room was expansive, the beer garden was large and quite picturesque. If you find yourself in Cleveland, check out Balance & Brews for great local events and grab a pint of beer at Forest City Brewery.

YOGA: Abide Yoga

With an entrance tucked away in a back alley, Abide Yoga has quite the hometown charm. I attended a slow flow class followed by a guided meditation with Annie Siegel and it was the perfect pairing to start off a rainy Thursday morning in Cleveland. After class, I asked Annie if Abide Yoga was named after the film favorite, The Big Lebowski. Indeed, my assumption was correct.

And just like a good yogi, The Dude Abides.

TOURIST ATTRACTION: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame


I guess you can’t go to Cleveland without going to see the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. The museum is probably best described in one of three ways:

  1. a landmark showcasing the finest musicians that have ever lived since the birth of rock & roll
  2. a glorified scrapbook of top musician’s accolades (i.e. albums, awards, newspaper clippings)
  3. a closet of questionable costumes, ratty wigs and jewels; essentially a hoarder’s paradise

I expected to be impressed by the exhibits but I found myself rather underwhelmed. LaKendra, one of the students that came to Après Yoga with me in Denver and in Cleveland, joined me that day and we were a little surprised at what we saw. Rows of mannequins featuring popular garb from various decades, journals of popular artists and loads of other musician paraphernalia.

What interested me most was the main exhibit featured this summer. It was a essentially a simulation of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Award ceremony and ended with the epic George Harrison tribute and inimitable performance of Prince playing “While My Guitar Weeps.” If you have not seen this majesty yet, do yourself a favor and take 6 minutes of your life to reignite the fire in your soul. It was magical in the exhibit and its still magical to watch on the interwebs.

The top floor of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame showcases the most popular covers of Rolling Stone magazine. Dave Letterman, Britney Spears, Bob Dylan, 2 Pac & The Red Hot Chili Peppers were amongst many famous musicians and artists featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone. The exhibit was a refreshing ending to an otherwise underwhelming tour visit.

HIGHLIGHT: The Best of Midwest Hospitality!

Jen’s Uncle Mike invited me to a BBQ at his home in the Cleveland suburbs. Since I already had an established friendship with Jen and her brother Steve, it was easy to fit in and the entire family was so gracious to host me. I was thrilled to indulge in their midwest hospitality. Grilled Shrimp, Chicken Wings and Pasta Salad were the perfect summer treat to end my time in Cleveland. Special thanks to the Duncan/Zetzer family, look forward to connecting again!


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