#RoadYogi Recap-Richmond, VA

#RoadYogi Recap-Richmond, VA

On Sunday, July 9th, I drove south on 95 to Richmond, VA. Somewhere along the way, these two vibrant beings came across Titan & Stout in traffic. Before my trip, I purchased 3 car magnets to promote my Après Yoga #RoadYogi adventure and luckily, I had them showcased on my car on my drive to RVA that day.


The moment Tammy saw my magnet, she googled Après Yoga and found our RVA event. On a return trip from a bike race with her partner Todd, the idea of sunset yoga as post-race recovery was exactly what they needed. They said YES, grabbed their travel yoga mats and showed up. After class, they told me the story and I felt so lucky to have recruited these two beautiful souls with the power of a promotional car magnet. Even though 2 magnets were stolen along my journey (ahem Lodo & SacTown), the investment was paid off 2 fold with Tammy & Todd.


That night, we hosted an Après Yoga & One Drop Yoga on the rooftop of Veil Brewing Company. I partnered with the Queen of RVA Outdoor Yoga, Michelle Lee Landon and Druminyasa, Brad Ellsworth for this special sunset rooftop event. 80 outstanding yogis came out to practice and celebrate our collaboration. I have always been an advocate of “Collaboration over Competition” and it ended up being the most successful event I had all summer. It really goes to show how much connection and community can make all the difference.


Even though I only spent about 20 hours in RVA, I packed everything in so here are my go to spots of beer, yoga and eats. Enjoy!

BEER: The Answer Brew Pub

The Veil (not a #GOT reference but could be) was closed after our event so Brad took me to taste some sour beers at The Answer Brew Pub. When Brad told me that the kitchen was closed, I was definitely disappointed but the tasty beer aided my appetite for a short time. Plus, Sandy & her Dad, 2 of the students from our event, were there to keep us company.

YOGA: Om On Yoga

The following morning, Brad drove me downtown to take class with Yogi J at Om On Yoga. Sandy joined us and Michele came to connect with us after class. J Miles is an Ashtanga-based Vinyasa Yoga Teacher in Richmond. With a wealth of knowledge backed by a kickass asana practice, J is definitely my kind of yoga peoples and I thoroughly enjoyed his practice. Om On is a special yoga homestead and I felt so fortunate to be welcomed into this kula, or tribe.

HEALTHY EATS: North End Juice Bar

Michelle frequents this half smoothie shop and half ice cream store on the regular. And I can see why. The waiters were smokin’ hot, the dragonfruit bowl divine and the vegan ice cream delicious. We stocked up on juice, iced coffee and acai bowls and felt completely nourished Après Yoga. If you find yourself in North End of RVA, swing by and nourish yourself.


I’m so grateful to the kindred souls I met in RVA and I look forward to more collaboration in the near future. Brad, thank you for your hospitality and support of my #RoadYogi adventure. Michelle, keep rocking the outdoor yoga world. Curly girls will indeed unite again. Sandy, you are a beautiful spirit. Thank you for sharing your light. Tammy & Todd, you two made my trip to Richmond 100% worth it. Thank you for being spontaneous, saying yes and showing up to support Après Yoga. You made a indelible mark on my life and I cannot wait to come back to the RVA yoga community to connect again soon!

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