#RoadYogi Recap-Rye, NY

#RoadYogi Recap-Rye, NY


So I go home to Rye fairly often. Not only are most of my friends and family still living in or around the city, it is such a wonderful place to call home. A historically quaint and well-manicured New York suburb, Rye is about a 30-minute drive or a 40-minute train ride from NYC city limits. My trips are usually packed in with visits to friends and family all around the city, quick runs and sunrise walks to the beach, lots of homemade meals from my mama, long nights with high school friends and trips to my favorite spots around town for hometown eats.

I feel a little biased writing a recap about Rye since I don’t think I can sum up the appreciation I have for my adolescence in a 500 word blog. So, I’ll keep my memories inside this time and offer up a few quick highlights on favorite things I like to do when I’m home in the RYE.


YOGA: Personal Practice or YogaDownload.com Videos


Although there are a few yoga studios and spots to practice around town, I usually opt to get outside and enjoy long runs around Rye. At the very least, I run down to the beach and back home. When I’m not enjoying the beautiful outdoors, I get on my mat and practice by myself. And now that I have my YogaDownload videos available to review, my personal practice is reignited.


JUICE: Pureganic Café, https://www.pureganic-cafe.com/


Owned by one of the most fabulous people I’ve ever met, Pureganic Café is always my go to for fresh juice, cold-brew and yummy snacks. Moshira is an Egyptian goddess (literally) and I’m so grateful to know her and support this local business.


HIGHLIGHTS: Family & Friends Time

A trip home is always complete with quality time with my dearest friends and family. I prioritize the people that have known and loved me for several years and I am happy to give them all the love right back.

I’ll be back in Rye this weekend and I cannot wait to reconnect with the ones I love. See you soon New York!

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    NYC Wecomes it’s Daughter with ❤️and Open Arms 🤗

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