#RoadYogi Recap-Columbus, OH

#RoadYogi Recap-Columbus, OH

Now that my #RoadYogi adventure is over, people often ask me which city was my favorite. And my immediate response is Columbus, OH! You might be surprised, albeit rather shocked, to hear that from a coastal chic who loves the mountains and never spent much time in the midwest. However, this little gem of a city surprised me with the most serendipitous morning.


On Friday, June 30th at 4AM, I woke up in my teardrop trailer outside of a friend’s house in Cincinnati, OH. It was rather hot in Cincy that morning so I couldn’t sleep. I had plans to drive all the way to Philadelphia that evening so I figured I would just get a move on and get back on the road.

Feeling inspired by one of my favorite OAR’s songS, the “Road Outside Columbus,” I drove through Columbus that morning to grab a quick coffee. I arrived close to the 6AM hour and while driving through the Short North district in search of a coffee shop, I stumbled upon a yoga studio. I quickly thought to myself “Its Friday at 6AM, its probably time for yoga!”

I quickly gathered a yoga outfit out of my trailer, grabbed my yoga mat and reusable water bottle and ran into Yoga on High. Little did I know Yoga on High was such a prominent of a yoga institution! I was immediately greeted by the girl at the front desk who registered me for the Ashtanga Primary Series class. I walked to the dressing rooms and noticed pictures of Ashtanga yoga legend and Boulder-local, Richard Freeman. Yoga on High hosts many world renowned yoga teachers  including my soon-to-be teacher, Jason Crandell, who is based in SF. I soon realized I was definitely in the right place! Even though Ashtanga is not my usual practice, I was just grateful to be led in a yoga practice in a place filled with such knowledge and experience. 


I practiced the 90-minute primary series and the girl at the front desk gifted me the class for free after she learned about my #RoadYogi adventure. I asked her where I could grab a coffee near by and she told me about Mission Coffee Roasters around the corner.


I grabbed my Ozo Coffee Roasters to-go mug and stepped into the Mission. The barista greeted me, asked for my order and took my mug in his hands. Before processing the order, he lovingly looked at my cup and said “Oh I love Ozo; I know the owners.” I thought I recognized him from somewhere and then it clicked. “Yea, me too,” I replied. “Did you used to work at Novo in Denver?” He responded with a resounding “Yes!” We knew each other from CO!

How serendipitous is that?!? He moved back to Columbus for the summer and here I was traveling across the country, not even intending to stop in this college town and just happened to step into his coffee shop. That little meeting made my day. Talk about the power of connection and an eco-friendly reusable mug!

Since I had another 12-hour drive to the east coast ahead of me, I quickly shot over to Native Cold Pressed Juice Company for another pick me up. The lady at Native listened to my serendipitous story and helped me select the perfect juice to get me through my day.


Call me hipster all you want but I freaking love good yoga, good coffee, good juice and good connection. Columbus, I will definitely be back!!!

HIGHLIGHTS: The serendipity of the morning and all of the magical encounters!

YOGA: Yoga on High

COFFEE: Mission Coffee Roasters

JUICE: Native Cold Pressed

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