#RoadYogi Recap-Emporia, KS

#RoadYogi Recap-Emporia, KS

You may have never heard of Emporia, Kansas but this was one of my favorite and most successful stops on my #RoadYogi tour. Emporia may be small but the yoga community sure is mighty. One of my students from my Après Yoga community in Denver, Emmy Edie, invited me to teach a few yoga events in her hometown. I was fortunate enough to be welcomed into this community with open arms and I look forward to sharing another magical experience in this sunflower state. As my Dad cleverly stated, Emporia seems like Euphoria and I think there is a lot of truth to that. Keep reading for my fave go-to-spots for yoga, beer and food in Emporia.

YOGA: Theta Yoga

Nestled behind a tanning/bronzing salon, you’ll find an immaculate yoga studio called Theta Yoga. Theta refers to that point of consciousness where you are neither awake or asleep but in that state of supreme awareness and relaxation. So, naturally, I was looking forward to settling into that space for a few days. I arrived on a Friday evening to teach a myofascial release workshop with RAD tools. The students absolutely loved rolling out the issues between their tissue.

After class, or Après Yoga, the Theta teachers treated us all to some local wine and appetizers. The Owner of Theta Yoga, Amy Ringler and Theta Teachers, Tiffany and Emmy, even gifted me with my own bottle of Yoga Pants Rosé, a special varietal from a local vineyard which was both hilarious and delicious! I closed out my Emporia visit with my Back to Basics workshop on Saturday afternoon to support the development of novice and experienced yogis alike. Cannot wait to return to Emporia to teach them again!

BEER: Mulready’s Pub

After Emmy attended a few of my events in Denver, she was inspired to start her own yoga-brewery event at Mulready’s Pub in Emporia. And luckily, owner of Mulready’s, Rick Becker, was happy to host me and my Après Yoga experience when I passed through town. Since it was a sunny June morning, we practiced outside in the beer garden and toasted with great brew after class. Mulready’s is your typical Irish pub where the beer flows like water and the company is even better. My choice of brew Après Yoga? Namaste by Dogfish Head Brewery, obviously!

FOOD: Radius Brewing Company

For lunch, the Theta girls took me to their local brewery, Radius Brewing Co. Even though we did in fact share a flight of beer, we really did go there for the food. I tried a few bites of the beer pretzels and enjoyed a rustic rueben sandwich to compliment the rich brew. It was a quick lunch because we had to get back to the studio but definitely worth a visit.

HIGHLIGHT: Meditation at the Edie Family Farm

Emmy lives on her family’s farm that has been around for over 100 years. Her family was so kind to host me and I will never forget that sense of midwest hospitality. Soon after we woke up on Saturday morning, we enjoyed a brief meditation on her deck. As we sat in stillness, I could feel the warm breeze of summer and felt the sweet serenade of the song birds. It was certainly a meditation to remember.

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  1. Pops says:

    Wonderfully expressed. The meditation on Emmy’s deck sounded incredible! I could almost feel the warm breezes of Summer 🍃and hear the lovely and sweet serenade of the song birds 🎶 GREAT PHOTOS 👌🏼

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