#RoadYogi Recap-Lawrence, KS

#RoadYogi Recap-Lawrence, KS

My first out-of-state stop on the #RoadYogi was a small college town called Lawrence, KS. Home to KU, or The University of Kansas, Lawrence lies on the east side of Kansas and hosts an eclectic and progressive community that likes yoga, good food and a more laid back lifestyle.

Upon crossing the Colorado-Kansas state line, I passed a sign that read “Kanorado” (the actual name of this border town) and it sadly took me a little too long to figure out what that word even meant. I drove across the sunflower state in 100+ degree weather and high winds and saw many wind turbines that blended into the horizon. Compared to Lawrence, there are many towns in this midwest state that have more conservative beliefs. On my 8-hour plus drive on I-70 east, I saw numerous Jesus signs, fast food chains and a large pink sign that just read “QUIT.”

Luckily, I arrived in Lawrence just in time to attend a yin yoga practice at Om Tree Shala that evening. Even though my visit to Lawrence was brief, I had the chance to explore all that this cute college town had to offer.

YOGA: Om Tree Shala

Owned by fellow Colorado School of Yoga alum and fellow Prana Flow sister, Sharyn Harley, this boutique yoga studio has an eclectic vibe with a real down to earth, hometown feel. Upon entry, I felt immediately welcome and couldn’t wait to practice. I enjoyed both the yin yoga practice when I first arrived and joined Sharyn for a hot hatha class the following morning. Those two classes were the perfect remedy for the long and slightly boring drive across KS. If you find yourself in Lawrence, please top in to Om Tree Shala and tell Sharyn I sent you!


FOOD: Bon Bon

Before leaving Lawrence, I enjoyed an outdoor lunch at this trendy new spot called Bon Bon. The vegan caesar salad was so scrumptious and the bahn-mi type sammies; absolutely delicious! Although my lunch at Bon Bon was most enjoyable, my experience was slightly spoiled by an encounter with my teardrop trailer.

Hence, the highlight of the wishing bench…

HIGHLIGHT: Wishing Bench

Before attempting to park my teardrop in the Bon Bon parking lot, I passed a wishing bench on the side of the road. Only a few minutes later, I corkscrewed / jackknifed my trailer on both sides of the car and I was soon on the verge of tears. Yet, somehow, I pulled it together and pulled the trailer out of the parking lot with only a few nicks on the side of Titan (my Ford Escape). So after lunch, I walked over to the wishing bench and meditated for a few minutes. As I sat, I did my best to manifest a safe journey across the U.S. with the rest of my #roadyogi tour adventure.

Looking back now, I guess I was like Dorothy when she clicked her heals and wished for a safe return home. But it wasn’t a dream because my wishes really did come true.

There really is no place like hOMe.


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    Great Post!!! Amazing that you saw those pink QUIT signs and did not quite!!! You are amazing!

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