12 Days of Christmas: Day 11

On the eleventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me an Après Yoga Events punch card for yoga and brewskis!

In May 2015, my friend Sara and I created Brewhouse Yoga and we taught yoga in a few breweries around Denver. I saw an opportunity to offer yoga in unique places and wanted to maximize it. What if we could practice yoga in a coffee roastery, a vineyard or distillery? What if students could enjoy a drink after class and connect with the community?

Early this year, I re-launched the business under a new brand name Après Yoga that would expand our mission to enjoy yoga with benefits! Après Yoga, which means ‘after yoga’ in French, is designed so students can enjoy a libation after their yoga practice. Yoga is the union of opposites so this is a fun way to enjoy the detox-retox method.

This is definitely a good opportunity to get your loved ones to try yoga. Even if they don’t enjoy our classes, which I highly doubt they will, they at least get to enjoy a drink Après Yoga. Pick up a punch card for you and a friend today and enjoy yoga & libations in 2017!

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