12 Days of Christmas: Day 7

On the seventh day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a commitment to cleanse with me!


I have been a huge proponent of the Conscious Cleanse ever since its inception just a few short years ago. This is not a cleanse consisting only of lemon water, cucumbers and celery. Even though those foods help alkalize your blood and prevent disease, there is a plethora of fruits, veggies, legumes you are allowed to enjoy on this cleanse that offer you enormous amounts of nutritional value, regulate your bodily functions and provide you with loads of energy! You can even try this cleanse eating grains, lean meats and fish if you so desire.

Although the first few days on this cleanse may leave you craving sugar and caffeine, after you make it Day 3, you won’t even remember what you missed! Upon completion of this cleanse, you will experience so many benefits by eating clean and being good to you!

The Conscious Cleanse was created by two fellow yoga teachers in Boulder, CO, Jo & Jules!


I have admired these ladies from my early days in Boulder and have appreciated learning their wisdom on my path to greater health and overall well being. The next organized program begins January 4th so get on the green machine and kick off 2017 by eating clean!


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