Yoga with Denelle Celebrates 5 Years!

Today officially marks my 5-year anniversary of teaching regularly scheduled public yoga classes! On Tuesday, August 17th, 2010, I stepped into the basement studio at One Boulder Fitness nervous but eager to teach a few yogis a rather basic Vinyasa flow practice in the wee hours of the morning. After years of practicing and studying yoga, my dear friend and fellow yoga teacher offered me the opportunity to finally teach in a public setting and that one class jumpstarted my career as a yoga teacher.

Anjali 2



Five years later, I’m still completely humbled by the yoga teachings, the yoga practice and the yoga community. These past few years have truly helped me become a better person. I am Tolerant. Kind. Compassionate. Impassioned. Disciplined yet Fun.


At the beginning of this month, I set out to have an awesome August! Since my birthday falls on the 23rd, August has always been a celebratory month. I wanted this year to be particularly special as it was the end of my 30th year.


Because I work so hard during the week, I have a tendency to lash out on the weekends and let my wild child side takeover. I don’t have any regrets in life but more recently; bits of remorse began to show up. I was a little off balance. I wasn’t showing up in my life the way that I wanted to and I had a bit of a difficult time letting it go.

Naturally, I turned to my yoga practice. How grateful I am to have a chance to reset, to renew, to return to me, fully and completely me. And my yoga practice shows up in so many ways: in my sitting practice, in my physical asana practice and in my life.


Yesterday, I climbed to the highest peak in Colorado, Mt. Elbert. As I was ascending to 14,440 feet above sea level, I was reminded how small I am compared to the vastness of the universe. How continuously humbled I am to be able to experience such greatness in life and how privileged I am to share that experience with the world around me.


Teaching yoga continues to be my priority as I want to share this gift of yoga with many more people. As my student, my hope is that you experience the same transformational, rewarding journey that I’ve experienced each time I practice. I want to bestow innumerable blessings onto you the same way I continue to feel blessed each and every day for this practice, for this body and for this life.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

Why not join me in celebrating a few milestones this week? I plan to teach some of my favorite asanas to some of my favorite tunes and I hope you are a part of it.
Hope to see you on the mat!


Namaste sweet ones!
Love always,



  1. Mama says:

    Happy Birthday! It has been MY pleasure to see you grow and flourish!!

  2. Dad says:

    Congratulations on your 5th year anniversary! You have accomplished quite a bit in those few years and I’m sure you’ll strive to accomplish much more in the next 5 years ahead…….14,440 feet, WOW!!! Your Dad went as high as 11,000 plus back in 1975 outside of Aspen…….Always a great thing to see one’s Daughter press on to Greater Heights. Again Happy Anniversary, with so much love and respect, Dad – xoxo

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