A Time to Restart & Renew

Happy Spring! Happy New Moon! Happy Solar Eclipse!

Today, Friday, March 20th, we experience a new moon, entry into the spring season and a super powerful solar eclipse all at the same time. As you can probably ascertain, this is a powerful time for both the universe and for YOU!

A time to inquire within.

A time to renew your vibrant spirit.

A time to manifest your most exuberant life.

Eka Pada RajakapotasanaCoincidentally, I had the privilege of spending the last four days in the mountains to do exactly that. And I promise, it was a complete coincidence.

At the beginning of this year, I was thrown into some unexpected transition. I felt lost, disappointed and confused as to what was next for me. The life that I imagined was abruptly stripped from me and I was left pondering so many aspects of my life:

Should I switch careers or industries? Can I still teach yoga? How can I leverage my MBA and my previous experience? Do I stay in CO or should I move home to NY? How can I contribute to my community yet also serve my family, friends & loved ones?

Now, these questions are more rhetorical than anything. Since I’m only in year one of my thirties, I would imagine they might stay unanswered for a while. But, that is OK with me because I am comfortable with self-inquiry and personal development.

So, what might not come as a surprise to most of you, I took full advantage of my time away.

I needed to take time for myself so that I could be prepared to serve both in my new and existing roles and also be ready to serve the community of those around me in a more profound and present way.

For health and sustainability…I ran. I practiced yoga. I skied. I hiked. I cooked delicious and nutritious food. I drank lemon water, coffee AND wine. I slept. Balance is everything!


For reflection… I built a fire. I wrote. I brainstormed new concepts for my yoga business. I mulled over the question “What do you really want?” I made a vision board for the rest of 2015.

2015 Vision Board

For continuous improvement… I read. I created yoga sequences. I designed workshops. I watched business webinars.


I went into this week with an intention to live my yoga and I tried my best to do exactly that. And I intend to move forward with that same intention. To stay on this path of supporting myself first so that I can truly be the most vibrant version of myself to everybody I encounter.


The equinox is a time to restart and renew; to create intentions around growth and to honor opportunities for improvement so please take time to honor this time of reflection.

Meditate. Journal. Hike. Get a Massage. Take a Bath. Vision Board.

Manifest your destiny. The time is now!

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  1. Daddi-o says:

    You are an inspiration to your Dad, and I’m sure others, in what you seek and try to do to help not only yourself but others in finding the things that make us joyous! I totally agree that Balance is an essentially must thing to have in order to rejuvenate our bodies and mind! You seemed to have reach that this weekend!!! Enjoy the rest of it, Pops-xoxo

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