Love. Love. Love.

To my single ladies and gentlemen,

Are you dreading the thought of having to spend another Valentine’s Day by yourself? Another year and another missed opportunity to indulge in this Hallmark holiday. And to top it off, it falls on a Saturday AND a holiday weekend!

If you are feeling any ounce of disappointment over cupid’s misdirected arrows, consider testing out these feelings instead.

First, Feel the love of the self.

The joy you feel the minute you wake up to a brand, new day.

The energy you feel after a run, a deep yoga practice or a fun, new workout.

The euphoria you feel after achieving something extraordinary.

The pulse in your blood that keeps you alive and thriving!

That is full, deep, embodied love.

Own it. Cherish it. It is fully and completely yours.

Next, Tap into the love of others.

The genuine care of your loved ones.

A loyal friendship.

A mild flirtation.

The support of your local community.

The beauty of nature.

Universal love.

Acknowledge. Appreciate. And Reciprocate.

However the love shows up, you have it within yourself and all around you.

Valentine’s Day does not only represent romantic love. Romance is highly coveted and desired but we can always learn to appreciate other kinds of love.

This week, I realized I love Valentine’s Day because I love to give love.

Now, go give some love away and have a fabulous holiday weekend!

“May you always have a love for life and a life of love.” -Dennis Numis

Viparita Dandasana

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  1. Dad says:

    Well said and written. Love is an expanding and wonderful experience to share with the world. Love ya Pal

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