Move into Fullness

This past Tuesday, the universe experienced a glorious full moon.

I started the week with a sense of fulfillment and gratitude for my life in this moment.

Positive. Elated. Spritely.

Since I have experienced a good amount of unexpected transition so far this year, I could easily get stuck in a rut and move from a place of lack. Yet, I make the conscious choice everyday to appreciate the bounty and abundance present in my life.


Because no matter what sort of hardship we experience, there is ALWAYS a bright side and a silver lining. I genuinely believe everything happens for a reason and challenge builds character. Of course, it can be difficult to always take this path but it makes for a much more fun ride.

See the light in everything! Move from a place of gratitude and acknowledge the beauty in your life because there is beauty in everything. Move into Fullness & revel in it ALL.

Love always,


P.S. If you need more inspiration, the writers of The Power Path are super in tune with what is going on in the universe. Here’s an excerpt from the latest Full Moon Update:

Acknowledge with gratitude the fullness and completion of what is being left behind as you move to improve what needs it….Honor the open space and fullness of the opportunity that the space represents for something new and improved to come into your life.” 


Full Kapinjalasana

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  1. POPS says:

    Quite a lovely, optimistic and joyous attitude. I’m glad to see you get inspired and work towards brighter days ahead after,as we all do sometimes, get out of a funk. I had seen that beautiful Full Winter Moon here in NY on a clear and cold night. Stay strong and well! Love ya, Pops

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