Breathe, Sit & Be Merry!

Almost a full year has passed since my epic trip to the Far East and it has been exactly 11 months since my last post. I had full intent to write more this year but time got the best of me and other things in life have taken priority.

Still. As I read my last entry and reflect on the past few months, I must say I am surprised at how much I have stayed true to the path I set after traveling abroad for 6 weeks.

I am Gracious. Authentic. Mindful. Present. True. Open. Honest. Full of Love.

Of course, I am not perfect. I have succumbed to many of the vices and temptations available in the modern world: a busy lifestyle, general over indulgence and technology overload.

During my trip to SE Asia, I really cherished the time that I got to disconnect from the virtual world and the ability I had to connect with the world around me.

No longer distracted by my phone or daily influx of email, I was able to wander, to marvel at life’s simple pleasures and to look into someone’s eyes and truly see them.

Shortly after posting my last blog on January 1st of this year, I took a 4 month-hiatus from Facebook. (Disclaimer: I had Instagram & Twitter to feed my social media addiction) And I must say, I did not miss FB at all. I had this new sense of freedom where I was no longer chained to a website that I belonged to since its inception. It was time for a break.

Fast forward a few months later when I received an opportunity to work as Marketing Director for Yoga Pod Inc., a franchise yoga studio business based in Colorado. This was a perfect role for me so I had to jump at it. Because FB has turned into such an influential marketing tool, obviously, my break from the book had to come to an end.

In late April, I started my role with Yoga Pod Inc., reactivated my account and hit the ground running. And what did that mean exactly? Despite my reluctance to reconnect on this particular social media platform, it satiated my palate for all things social media.

Yet, over the past few months, I seem to be lost again. While I desire personal connection, it seems like all social media provides is a greater feeling of disconnection.

My presence both as a yoga teacher and as Marketing Director relies heavily on my participation on various social media platforms. Many of you wouldn’t be able to read this without them. Regardless, I encourage you to take time this holiday season to disconnect.

Log off of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.

Turn off your phone.

Turn off your computer.


With this newfound freedom, sit down and reflect on what it would be like to have this extra amount of time everyday.

What would you do?

Read a good book? Visit your extended family? Grab tea with a friend? Take a yoga class?

Sit in silence. What do you hear? What do you smell? How is your breath?

Remember to Breathe, Sit & Be Merry!



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