I am Enough!

Happy Thanksgiving Friends, Family and Yogis across the World!

I just finished a quick yoga practice with my teacher, Shannon Paige, on Gaiam TV, and wanted to write about it before heading out for turkey dinner.  I decided to take Shannon’s “I am Enough” Flow.  Yes, the title seemed appropriate for a Thanksgiving yoga practice but my decision to step into the flow was based on more than that.

I have to be honest with you.  I’ve had a rough couple of months.  Many of you know that I like to be busy and involved in every thing and anything possible.  In this case, to my own detriment.  Because I’ve over committed, I’ve also under delivered on several occasions.   I am getting in my own way.  I’ve been working myself to exhaustion and can’t seem to snap myself out of it.  I’ve become one of those yoga teachers that preaches about mindfulness, integrity and balance and I have struggled to find that in my own life.

They say the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?  Maybe.  I’ve been at this step for a few weeks now and nothing has changed. I keep turning over a new leaf and expecting things to be different.  What I have failed to realize is that this change is a continuous process.  I might not be able to change today or even tomorrow but I can make efforts each day to make my life better and continue on this amazing journey.

Just like yoga, it’s a PRACTICE!  Ahh, there is the yogic connection and the key learning of the day!

I must believe that I am Enough!  My body, my mind, my soul, everything that I am.  This is my offering to the world and this offering is true.

In typical Thanksgiving fashion, I’d like to acknowledge a few things that I am grateful for.  I am grateful for the ability to express myself and share my perspective with the world thru my blog and to those of you who have read this much.  I am grateful to have this wonderful home in Rye and a life I LOVE in Colorado.  I am thankful for my Mom’s cute little furnishings around the house that make me smile when I return home from a long time away.  I am thankful that I get to hear my Dad strumming the guitar in the other room and for passing on his musical abilities to his offspring.

I am also grateful to both my parents for their complete and unconditional love.  After separating when I was younger, they completely let go of their egos, moved past emotional drama and raised a strong and responsible daughter.  Lastly, I am grateful for my family and my best friend, Lauren’s family as we join together for today’s feast.

Special thanks to you for reading.  My heart is full love of gratitude.  Much love to you all.


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